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Christmas catch up
2006-12-29 @ 9:13 a.m.

Can I tell you that it's next to impossible to clear my head to write anything right now? Apparently, when you clean your house like 4 times in 4 days that's what happens... And by cleaning my house, understand that I really mean everything but the basement, and front porch/foyer- which are still unfortunately storage pits from hell. Which as soon as I type that, I realize isn't even remotely true, it's just that the boxes that need to be unpacked or resolved live there, on top of the bookshelf that needs to be loaded up and the armoire that needs to be loaded up so craft and sewing world can be occupied. And I want this to be done because I want to sew clothes for the windows very much. Because apparently this move has taught me that if there's anything more rewarding than finding and buying cool stuff, it's actually displaying your large array of cool stuff and being able to look at it all the time. That and nothing beats color on your walls to a level of it being worth buying a house for. It's a shame that eventually the girls will be too big for this apartment and will laugh mercilessly at the idea of bunk beds and sharing a room, because right now I feel I would live here, in this apartment forever. Even with the ridiculous long narrow bathroom, because the tub has secret powers. Obviously I am kidding, because it's only a tub, but it's a very long tub where I can stretch out without putting my feet up on the other end of it, and when you are nearly 5'9" that is neato. The things that are wrong with the bathroom don't even really make me sad right now.

So currently Christmas has still taken over my living room where the Christmas tree is in the corner, and I have a vintage Christmas tablecloth on the window next to it as a curtain (really, those clip on curtain hooks are the most groovy versatile things ever-) I couldn't not buy this tablecloth when I found it because it has mistletoe all over it in almost a cartoonish rendering and it was the best Christmas fabric I had ever seen. Plus, y'know, $ 2.75.

The whole having guests over for Christmas thing worked amazingly well too, especially since a lot of the cleaning didn't happen until Friday night about an hour before my sister came over. I was this amazing drill sergeant that through cruelty and bossiness forced the girls to "put this in your room!” take these out of this box and put them on the shelf!" "When it's empty take it downstairs!" And so there was company. My parents even stopped by to exchange cookies (and I think, to secretly spy to see if the next day was even a remote possibility) and it was all fine. It was better than fine- it was "check out my awesome home" to the extreme.

Saturday when my parents came for Christmas dinner, everything went great too, which was a relief considering I had to run around a bunch Saturday morning (getting pictures printed etc) and decided to move around the dining room since Friday night it seemed very much as if the placement of the desk and the china cabinet needed to be exchanged for optimum eating leisure. So I did that, and it didn’t take very long actually- but cooking dinner seemed to take forever ( because meat with bones is unpredictable or something) and then when everything hit the table it was cold. I am momentarily less in love with my skill with pork roasts, but I will get it over it because it was largely due to the disappearance of my insta-read meat thermometer, which I replaced last night.

Sorry it’s been so hard for me to post lately, but we lost our Admin at work and guess who’s picking up the slack for customer service? Also, in our new offices I get to sit up front and play receptionist as well. But I do have a business card that insists my job title is “Project Coordinator”, and honestly I only care because there are tons of distractions with the receptionist hat on. Also being up front makes being casually on the internet look a lot more irresponsible too.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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