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2007-02-06 @ 4:18 p.m.

I can't believe that I finally updated just to freak out and delete the post. But I did, I'm human. I think it's paranoia based on the drama I have recently seen occur at myspace. For example two of my friends ( who are the parents of kids that the girls have known for years) had this gradual falling out which led to a TMI situation between them by virue of myspace, and so one of them completely deleted their profile from myspace. Which makes me sad, but I understand, because for sure if I found out something suprising about my ex via myspace (or via his sock drawer or mail) I would totally not be able to let it go and would get all the information I could. I would not be able to not look at something that was on the table, even if I was technically seeing it on the table through the picture window. (If that makes sense). In any case I am a big believer of only posting things that you don't care who might find and read them, but maybe sometimes when it comes to parenting decisions I can be a little paranoid and second- guess myself. So poof goes my first entry in 2007 to be replaced by this neurosis.

Everything is good! I am still making responsible choices, keeping my house tidy enough, and I have no houseguests in sight until my dear friend Mike flies in from Germany in March. ( the Mike spoken about in this entry , who actually found my diary via that entry and now we are back in touch!) So yay for all of that. Yay for Top Design, although I feel a little too involved with reality TV thanks to VH1 right now. Let's just say who knew I could be so interested in the White Rapper Show?

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