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Both boon and bane
2007-02-09 @ 1:27 p.m.

February is the month to talk about distractions. And by "distractions", please know that I mean watching TV. And because I am actually talking mostly about reality TV, please feel free to add some air quotes with your fingers when reading "distractions", because that's how reality television stars talk. (Especially if they are on the B-list in the Surreal Life Fame Game...)

I don't even need to address the evil lure of VH1 programming, which is only made more alluring by the fact that Rich from fourfour( is the Celebreality recaper for VH1. This man's humor is so potent I would read his recaps of America's Next Top Model even though I didn't watch it. I haven't really watched an episode of I Heart New York until I've a) read the recap, and b) read the exit interview. Really, it's totally worth reading just to know that if you somehow miss Mr. Boston picking his nose, that Rich will screen capture it. Go to Celebreality.

Beside the VH1 ghetto, I am clearly a sucker for most Bravo programming. Top Design, is probably even more interesting to me than Project Runway. I love the judges mostly, much more than I love them on PR. I’m somewhat convinced that Margaret Russell Elle Décor’s editor in chief, is quite possibly the best reality competition show judge EVER. I loved her edit on the second show especially. And Jonathan Adler is a feisty smart joy too. Oh, forgive me he’s “”. I will say again that there’s a contestant on Top Design that I really dislike a lot. Like MUCHLY a lot. It’s not a case of me being unsure about it at all, which is unusual right off the bat. I didn’t start to hate on Ted Elian (the eventual winner of Top Chef S2) until the second half of the season. The cool thing is that I am less sure of what designers I love, because the results for each challenge have been markedly different. I think it’s going to be stellar.

The rest of the muck in the reality mudpit for my house is all- You’re the One That I Want, American Idol, and tuning into Food Network and H & G TV whenever possible. The new season of What Not to Wear is desirable, yet Friday nights suck for TV watching for me.

The Sarah Silverman Program just debuted on Comedy Central. Seriously, I sort of love SS, if more for her voice than actually comedic insight, but especially after seeing the second show, I think her brand of wacky is going to work for me more often than not. I don’t always think crude = edgy, but if she’s on target as often as Trey Parker the show will be worthwhile enough. I will point out that toward the end of last night’s episode the Mina observed, “they sure say VAGINA enough”. Duly noted.

Other than that I am totally obsessed with The Naked Brothers Band. ( It would take precedent over all other programming even though I’ve only seen the movie so far, not the actual weekly show on Nickelodeon. For adults it’s initially slightly irritating, but when you start to pay attention it’s more and more fun. The most obvious example of what I love about the show, would be if you go to the website and watch the video for "That's How it Is". I think the song is magic. I would venture to say that Juni, Smed, and Dandy should all check it out with their broods.

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