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Chilly chilly is evening time, but Waterloo Sunset's fine
2007-03-21 @ 11:16 a.m.

American Idol started off making me happy, and then it made me sad. I mean, not really sad- but all my happy was over by Blake pretty much. That's maybe too mean, maybe it was over by Jordin- because although she, like all the other exurberant and big voiced girls that I bring my love to this season, also picked a dreary, over-dramatic song that I did not agree with, she really had this sweet humble innocence to turn the drama into something compelling. Also, her delivery totally delights me. Which is not to say I love her more than Doolittle, because it's all about Doolittle for me on the girlyside, but Doolittle better not sing anymore damn showtunes in the near future or I will frown at her in spite of the joy her singing and presence brings into my heart. Because I freaking HATE "As Long As He Needs Me" a LOT.

Not to mention that all those big-voiced, exhuberant girls and not one of them sang the total best song for big-voiced exhuberant girls from the British Invasion even though Lulu was the guest judge/coach? Not one of them had the presence of mind to rock "To Sir With Love"? Lulu being there aside, C'MON! I mean, no one sang "As Tears Go By" either and Gina I AM TALKING TO YOU right here, and as much as I really thought Chris R and Blake did great, I really would have loved hearing "Waterloo Sunset". And if Blake was going to rock the beatbox, the coolest British Invasion song for him to do that on would have been "My Generation" by the Who. (which maybe AI doesn't have rights to, or whatever, but it still would have been super cool with the beatboxing where the stuttering goes)

So my general thoughts on AI are I love Blake, and I have a ridiculous crush on Chris Richardson. I am finding Chris Sligh to try to hard to appeal to me, and wish he didn't sing my favorite Zombies song. I also am mad in general that no one sang "Bus Stop" by the Hollies. Because for sure to me the songs of the freaking British Invasion are "Bus Stop", "She's Not There" and "To Sire With Love" meaning that those are the ones that I found irresistable when available on a juke box (yeah, I'm thinking of Little Tijuana where I also had to always play "Mona Lisa" but that's not BI at all) "Ferry Cross the Mersey" counts on that list too, but "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" is an even better song by Gerry and the Pacemakers, although I think "Ferry.." makes a singer sound better because it has some nice big clear notes.

And can I just say that "I Only Want to Be With You" would have been the appropriate Dusty Springfield song in regards to the British Invasion? Also it's upbeat and pleasant, and would have been an easy song to show off a big bright voice and on the note of cool white soulful chicks from the British Invasion I have to present Petula Clark and point out that "Don't Sleep in the Subway Baby" is a great overlooked gem.

On a final note, stop trying to keep me and Bob Saget apart. You just don't understand what he's like when we're alone! Even if you think he's seamy (which I totally love about him) he's rich enough to pay someone to clean my house while he tells filthy jokes.

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