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mid-century modern
2007-04-04 @ 4:11 p.m.

I keep thinking about the strangest things- like building a custom sofa, or what I would do to remodel the duplex I live in to make it a luxurious one-family home again. Of course, if I where smart, (omg if I were smart, I wouldn't have just said THAT) I would keep it as two apartments and just return to having a rental once the girls move out, but then again- that wouldn't get me a non-tiny bathroom. In any case, I can't figure out where these things are coming from although I don't think they are inherently impossible either. At least I could build the couch if I had a table saw, and y'know- wood. Of course, then after saving on sitting on these ruminations, I find this on Craigslist,

perfect couch 2 perfect couch
Which is exactly one of the couches I imagine making when I go into the throes of my couch-making fantasies.(Except not the blue part, the cushions won't stay blue for sure.) I used to own a chair like this, and they are surprisingly comfy believe it or not, but I donít know if Iíve ever seen the couch. And so cheap! But in Orono. Thatís the problem when you no longer drive around in a station wagon or minivan, you canít just go and pick up things. Boo I hate asking for help. Maybe if my mom is working in Plymouth tomorrow I can drive there, and borrow her car to get the couch, and then she can bring it to my house on Saturday. That actually sounds viable to me. Except that it's totally NOT going to fit in a PT's one of those things that is actually light enough for me to load in myself I think too! Grrrr. Itís one of those things where Iím worried my Mom and Dad wouldnít think itís worth a drive out to Orono, but for real, itís worth it to get that couch for $50 I think. Even if it ended up on my porch.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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