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2007-04-05 @ 12:25 p.m.

So in an entirely simple, yet unpredicted chain of events- I ended up getting the couch last night- delivered to me by Steve, its mature Seth Greenesque handler!

I quickly realized that I didn't have the bandwidth tomorrow to figure out a drive to Orono, either during the day or after work, so I talked to my dad about when might be reasonable, and called Steve again to say "there's no way I can come see and get it tomorrow, but if you have a pay pal account, I'd still be glad to send you the money for it tomorrow" and he was perfect MN nice, saying "no that's fine- if you're sure I'll just tell anyone who calls that it's gone" and I said "okay, let's figure out Friday morning then" and felt secure. Then about 30 minutes later I got another call from Steve (and I was thinking, he was at Target when I just talked to him, maybe he came home and found out his wife had given it away because that stuff happens to me all the time) and to my surprise he offered to deliver the couch to me. So I scrambled to see if I had enough cash, because nobody wants a personal check from a stranger, and I still haven't gotten my new debit/cash card yet, and I literally had $48, and paid the rest in change. This bummed me out, because I would have liked to give him something for delivery too, but he was very nice. And the couch, once out of his truck, was extremely light and I was able to move it in all by myself. Moving my 7' couch out of my living room was harder, because with my built ins, and a fully furnished dining room, there was a lack of maneuvering room, plus, the dumb thing had to be up and tilted to fit through the door to the porch. Where it stands, on its end, until I move it out into the garage. (Once I make room for it in there.)

And the blue is a lovely bright navy or dark royal- and the cushion covers are so nicely made and the foam is lovely and firm, that I might not recover immediately, we'll see. I'm so relived the blue was low key, and not a primary color which I love, yet would not ever work with my arts and crafts architecture or existing penchant for Victorian. In fact I'm wondering if my lovely pink tufted armchair might not play nice with my new Danish modern couch. But I'm already totally inspired by trying to make my old stuff look more modern, and created an entire wall of mirrors and old pictures already last night! (and I hope my upstairs neighbor doesn't hate me for a few nails pounded after 10. It wasn't past 10:30) I think my beautiful purple swag light is too Victorian to stay in the living room, and my favorite floor lamp will also be moving, but the good news is that the couch goes great with the cool lamp my grandpa made that was living in storage since I had enough lighting in the living room already.

It's all very exciting!

Also? I love this very much.

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