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throwing more desires into the wind
2007-04-11 @ 12:17 p.m.

perfect chairs

These chairs would be the perfect accent to my new sofa. Also? They are orange. So obviously they should be a) still available, and b)mine. Of course, there's been no response to my e-mail yet.


This chair, which is mine for $15, is terrific, but very matchy with my couch. Also I am suspicious that the doily is covering up damage. Not that I can't recover that chair easily enough, because I could- but it would be nice to not have to. In any case, I might have to have that chair too.

Since posting my desires here, often brings me uncanny luck- I am doing so now. Please e-mail me back or call me! I am dying to "come see and take them off hands.god bless cash only." The fingers of my heart are crossed! After all, it's the finale of Top Design tonight, and what better day to post furniture wishes? What will I do without Margaret Russell's blog after tomorrow? She is my very all-time favorite judge of a competitive reality show ever. She is! Tim Gunn is a MENTOR not a judge, after all... Oh well, no new chairs for me- first come, first served. Alas.

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