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2007-11-08 @ 8:50 a.m.

Well I am sad to say, that my first experience working with a start-up company has reached its end. I was "laid-off" on Tuesday. Budget reductions had begun at the beginning of October, but I really thought that my salary wouldn't cause enough impact for them to let me go, I can do too many other things, but the vibe of my beloved company also changed drastically when Donna, the VP of Operations, and the woman who'd hired me left. The Chief Operating Officer is a money guy, and when cost exceeded budget, it would just feel like he was wearing it. So tense is an understated word. I am still very sad- I picked up my final check on Wednesday morning and got brief face time with both the CEO and COO/CFO (accidentally)and was glad because it gave me some more closure. Having the CEO tell me any references I might need are there is nice, because the guy is brilliant, and has contacts everywhere. Not to mention, that in ongoing opportunities, they are guys who remember who they valued working with, and the CEO really appreciated the dumb receptionist stuff I did without even thinking because I knew it mattered to him. And it's dumb because even though I was frustrated with my changing duties since mid-summer, I sit here thinking that eventually every light in the front of the office will burn out, and nobody will know what to do about it. Which is dumb, and not my problem.

So I immediately came home Tuesday and applied for unemployment, and updated my resume. I completed 2 applications online yesterday (only one appears to be a referring service rather than an employer- stupid misleading craigslist ad) and I am only pausing now because I was worried that I was not writing about it here because that would make it real for me. And it's real, of course, and I am better off writing it down to finalize the realness.

I told my new landlord right away, in case she wanted to change her mind about my move (since I know my current apartment hasn't been rented yet) and then told my parents, but suprisingly, the people who were hardest to tell were my children. Not Elizabeth really, but the Mina immediately offered me her $20 Target gift card for groceries. But it was okay, except for Mina being really disappointed I wasn't home when they came in from school, something she was really excited about, but didn't let me know was important to her.


I'm moving this month, which I haven't gotten a chance to talk about here either- and it's very exciting. To say the space is bigger is a huge understatement- it's nearly twice the square feet, and has 3 bedrooms. It's also in a terrific neighborhood (Lowry Hill/Kenwood for you Minneappolitans)that's closer to our dearest friends, and most importantly, is an apartment we won't outgrow which is important since I am not sure I will ever be a homeowner.

So moving will be something I can do while I am waiting to hear back from applications and resumes I've sent out, and everything will work out. I'm super employable- it's just a matter of finding a position that will pay me what I know I am worth now. Even 85% of what I'm worth will work.

So all your good energy has always helped me in the past. Thanks so much for giving it to me now as well.

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