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the pros and cons of opportunities
2007-11-10 @ 10:53 a.m.

I had a job interview yesterday that went pretty well. I am completely qualified for the position, and think there's every possibility I could be quite happy working there, but it's a non-profit company and I know it's not in their non-profit, commmunity center budget to pay my asking price.

But it is a job I could be starting before the time my severance pay extended through, and that's appealing- as is the realization that after preparing myself for not receiving any earned income credit next tax return, that because of the layoff I absolutely will be getting it this year, and that bolus of income is always needed, and something I'm extremely grateful for. I'm waiting to hear when my second interviews with the two different primaries in the two different departments I might work in are. Either position is as an admininistrative assistant, one in their Early Childhood Education Center (daycare/pre-school) and one in their main administrative offices.

Again the pluses are that I could be starting very soon, and it's very close to my new apartment- and a lovely quick drive/bike ride around the ends of two lakes to get there. Some of the additional benefits they can offer me are not necessarily ones I can take advantage of (half price off the fees for activities still breaks down to one full price for two girls) generous PTO and paid holidays.

The concerns are that I am a)taking the first opportunity I'm offered, b) that I am consciously accepting less than I'm worth (although I am worth so much more than money goes without saying, c)that I will be starting something new and will be moving without having the luxury of taking the time I need to do so.

Here's one of the best things, I had been at the Salvation Army the night before because the Mina really wanted a white or pink Christmas tree this year, and the basement of the downtown Mpls SA is full of brand new Target items, so we found a great small (table-top, maybe 3.5 ft tall) white pre-lit tree for $8. When I went out to my car I had forgotten that I never took the tree out to store in the garage, so I almost went to my interview at a Jewish Community Center with a Christmas tree in my front passenger seat.

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