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the selling floor
2007-11-11 @ 9:58 a.m.

So yesterday I successfully fought with my camera (I have an old Kodak EasyShare, and when we moved I lost the USB cord- which is not only specific to Kodak, it's also not found in any computer stores I can find) and listed some items from the garage to sell on Mpls Craigslist.

I was able to sell these almost instantly.


I'd seen similar tables languishing on CL due to being overpriced so I didn't think I'd have any interest frankly and set the price low because of that. I guess with the coffee table included it made them a hotter ticket. I know now I could have gotten more than $25. But even though the picture made them look fabulous, they are not nearly that great. Really, it's not just because I don't love them anymore. But they are gone, and I have one less thing to move, and $25 in my pocket. Minus the money for putting the images on a photo CD, that's $20 pure profit.

This is the next hottest ticket-


I put $30 on it, and I have a lot of takers, one of who I hope is coming here around noon to nab it. Again, I'm thinking I should have priced it higher- but it was in my garage, and it's something I really don't want to keep.

This chair I will keep if I don't get my asking price-


The bones on this are too good to let it go for less than $30, even though it's in slightly junky shape. I would buy this chair again- so I can wait for my price. Also, Elizabeth whined she wanted it for "her room".

This is the item I've gotten no response on-

Which is the item I think is sweetest.

The moral of the experience so far is that I can trust my taste enough that other's will covet my things, enough to pay for them- and that I should maybe stop de-valuing my victorian stuff. I'm trying to decide if I should list some of my vintage swag lamps on CL or if they are better off on ebay. As fun as selling on CL is so far, ebay is more daunting. After all, the post office is my kryptonite, and I will have to embrace the post office if I have to ship on ebay. It could mean more money, and it certainly means less phone calls.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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