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mishmash of job thoughts and fighting cocks
2007-11-12 @ 9:03 a.m.


So I have my second interview tomorrow morning at the JCC, and in calculating whether I could afford to take this job or not, realized several things additional to what I already mentioned (knowing I will qualify for an earned income credit tax return is the most prominent).

First of all, I really love how close it will be to my new apartment, and that my communte will once again be a lovely one, along several lakes and through beautiful homes. That sounds stupid, but my drive along River Road every morning from South Mpls to drive the girls to school was absolutely essential in my piece of mind when I worked at TFS. These points are a secret benefit that are pretty important to me.

Second, and more exciting, is that in thinking that my new potential employer is hiring for two positions, both with the same pay range- that I could suggest that because of my experience and their need to hire someone, that they should consider paying me $15, and just budget down for the position in the Child Care Center, since that is one that can easily be filled with someone younger or with less experience. Everyone I've mentioned the idea of suggesting this to has agreed that it's a perfectly fine suggestion to present. The fact that I even came up with this idea is somewhat thrilling, because it's much more tactical and practical than my thinking usually is.

Also, I can take this job and continue to look for a higher paying position, since the adage is that it's easier to find new jobs when you are working.

So we'll see. Today I have to clean my apartment for a showing at 6, hopefully sell the green chair to someone around that time as well, and possibly post more items on CL.

The picture at the top is of my current apartment, before I switched my TV into the dining room, making it the living room, and my living room into a library. It's a library with a dining table, but the table is collapsed to desk size, so it works. The picture arrangement is some of the many pictures of Nana and the Robey family that my dad had scanned, printed on a laser printer and decoupaged onto plaques.


These are my sweet Syrocco fighting cocks, although this was when they were over my bed instead of where they fight now over my fabulous tufted green velvet couch...

Apparently I can't shut up...
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