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go LAP, go
2007-11-30 @ 6:20 a.m.

What a week it's been! I have moved loads and loads of stuff in a Neon (first move using a Neon- go me. NOT) and recoiled in horror at how much stuff I have. Even knowing I've sold what seems like 10 chairs already. It's the time when you ask yourself, "Do I really need dining room chairs? My dining room table pretends it's a desk!" But I guess as soon as I don't have dining room chairs I'd be sorry and have a dinner party or something. So much to still move because the loads are small and exhausting. Moving to a second floor is hard. I am old and fat, and forget to eat food so after running up and down stairs I get dizzy and feel sick and pant just like I'm dying.

So I realized that maybe I should have more men in my life. I didn't ask the daddyman for help, and of course he didn't offer either since he's a useless fucker. But it's good since I don't ever really like him knowing where I live. heh.

So the good news is I'm moving into a mostly heated apartment (furnace got turned on yesterday- and some of the radiators took all day to heat up since the pipes were already so cold. But moovapalooza starts tonight. I am packing all day like a madwoman, because I still fear that EEP's room might eat me. I miss my mommy and daddy very much right now. My mom is the best packer in the entire world.

The help my wonderful resourceful brother in law got is insisting on $20/hr cash so I guess that paying him in furniture is out. I hope I can get 2 loads in 2 hours because gosh. But the lovely Ms. Kinter rallied one of the gaggle of men that follow her around adoringly to help me too. I said I would have a dinner party in his honor or something, so it's good that I moved the damn dining room chairs.
new mantel
The only picture I have that shows any part of the new apartment. There'll be more eventually. The week started with us finding out that the leaded glass had been stolen from the first floor and second floor apartments. By someone with a key- which sucks, and nope- just mostly sucks.

The chant should be- fast packing, quick move, go LAP go, for now. No job yet- and the offer I got early this week I had to turn down before we even talked money since I can't work 11-8. Haven't heard from the JCC. I was sure it was meant to be, and not in that overblown delusional way I have either. Maybe they are just slow, in which case they need me all the more.

Say it for me now, Go LAP, GO! (and picture me in a racing car like the Suess book Go Dog, Do

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