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2007-12-01 @ 8:36 a.m.

my glamorous new couch

My couch, my perfect couch the item I own that identify with more than anything else other than my glasses, that I cherish won't fit into my living room.

It's stuck about 20 ft from the living room. Because I could tell the ceiling on the front landing wasn't tall enough for it to be on its end to make the turn, and the guys carried that heavy mofo up the back stairs, on its end pretty much and after they made the corner in the kitchen, resting it on the stove it got down the hall before they realized it couldn't stand on its end in the hallway to make the turn into the living room.

The hallway ceiling is 100", the couch is 96" but to get it on its end it goes higher at the diagonal when you are trying to upend it. It so almost makes it that it is killing me and I want to cry, because I'll have to sell it of course. And because it's in Paulina's room because I couldn't ask my BIL and his friend to carry it back down when it had taken them nearly an hour to get it up and there was so much more to move. There's still so much more (obviously I'm on the computer, if I didn't take this down yet)- we did 2 loads last night.

I know there are other couches. I'll find something else because there's so many other couches. I even have two other options today because the bronzey camel tufted loveseat hasn't sold yet (but I should be selling today) and I just acquired this beauty to sell.


And it's great, and it's totally me and it stirred me when I found it. It goes with the two super sweet chairs that have been in Karen's garage for me since Halloween too. So maybe this is supposed to be. But I still have a huge couch in Paulina's room that I have to get downstairs to photograph and sell now.

My arms hurt, my lips are chapped, my hair is frizzy (all the bathroom stuff is moved to the new place, and I washed my hair with a bottle of bubble bath and slept on it wet), and my move is not finished. Also there's a gouge in the hardwood floor in my new bedroom from the dresser. I am cloaked in gloom folks, this is not the day of rejoicing. I forwarded a miracle email my mom sent me yesterday, and it would be so nice if my miracle was going back to the apartment to find the couch in the living room. Or at least down the stairs.

I don't have my cable set up yet at the new place, because of the hijinks with the heat and water, but I am plugging away since I need the internet to sell stuff especially!)

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