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pee your pants do over
2008-01-07 @ 6:06 p.m.

This is a reposted entry from December 23, 2003. It was inspired by an even funnier entry posted by Carrie today. After I read hers, I went looking for this one, not even remembering the second part which almost made me pee my pants...

When I went to pick up the Mina yesterday she was wearing overalls. Really short overalls. I lifted my eyebrows at her teacher about it.


"No, she pretty much wet her pants on purpose..."

Apparently before going outside Mina said she didn't HAVE to go potty and threw a big fit over the suggestion she might try. Once outside, she had to go almost immediately. She was told she'd have to wait. (I approve of that actually)

She proclaimed "I'm going to pee my pants!"

She threatened "I'm going to PEE my pants!"

The teachers requested she take off her borrowed snowpants before doing so.

She did take off the snowpants, then proceeded to sit on the bench, glare at her teacher and defiantly pee her pants.

She didn't have spare clothes so they dressed her in what they had for extras. Toddler overalls that snapped up the inseam.

Her teacher and I definitely agreed that Mina needs to cooperate about trying to go to the bathroom before they go outside. Otherwise a forfeit of a "prize" for the week's good behavior would occur.

Later the girls were at the Knoll house playing. I was having a bite with thisendup. We returned to find out Mina was being innappropriate.

She was unsnapping her crotch snaps and showing her stuff asking the girls

"Who wants to fart in my vagina?"

What a question! Is that supposed to be a tantalizing invite?

At least she called it her vagina. I shudder to think of what else she might have referred to it as.

I keep thinking of asking people randomly that question of course.

What on earth would they answer?

Apparently I can't shut up...
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