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The Empty Hole of Craigslist Karma
2008-01-23 @ 3:13 p.m.

swivel olive velvet chairs front
I emailed the interested party who wouldn't commit to coming to look at theses chairs this message last night- "I should warn you I've gotten so much interest in the chairs, it's going to better for you to come and be sure you want them before someone else does. I am available all day tomorrow, let me know when you might be free to come by. You can always take the cushions with you if we arrange for pick up later."

That party responded 14 hours later saying "I know for sure I want them can I get them this weekend?" and I replied "I would still need you to pay to keep me from selling them to anyone else however. Once they are paid for they are yours."

One might imagine when I email you and tell you they've been sold and picked up, it shouldn't exactly come as a shock.

But maybe I'm a bad person. A really unclear, bad person. But at least my email user name isn't M.T. Hole.


Here's my new living room layout featuring my new two piece vintage sofa, and awesome vintage blue chaise (which is not only the most comfortable piece of furniture EVER, but it's upholstered in fake fur. Like Cookie Monster, only tufted.)

The green velvet club chair in the picture is no longer there, because I sold the pair, causing this outrage that you can't be completely lazy and non-commital and still nab the stuff everyone wants...

Apparently I can't shut up...
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