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Syrocco Clock Project
2008-04-24 @ 10:52 a.m.

I found a Syrocco 8 day clock at an estate sale recently, and kept thinking of ways to use or reimagine it. Because I have silver sconces on my mantle wall, I didn't want to use a gold clock there, so I began plans to paint it a glossy color (maybe bright yellow? Blue?) but I was having problems taking the clock face off, so when I found a plastic already primed white Syrocco clock on craigslist for $8, I figured I had my work cut in half!

After I went and nabbed it, I immediately went to buy spraypaint, and after a slight misstep when I couldn't find the perfect yellow and/or ultimately decided that yellow wasn't right at all I ended up with glossy pumpkin orange. In the theory portion of starting this project, I wasn't overly thrilled with orange, although orange is my favorite color and I wasn't going to find the right shade of glossy green spray paint. So finally, I just pushed down my misgivings and cracked open the spray can.

4.19.08 023

Spray painting has a lot of instant gratification, and I really loved both how the gloss hugged the curves of the piece, as well as the lighter highlights that occurred from the way the gloss finish paint natural slipped down while drying.

The next step was playing with colorization in photoshop.

4.24.2008 013

4.24.2008 010

4.24.2008 004

Which is a mirror image of this photoshopped picture.

Nana car clock

I think the vampy car picture is the best choice, both because of how the picture naturally fits the circle (Nana reading and the Roby sisters don't completely fill the frame) and because I am not sure if I like how the clock arms hit near the baby face of my Dad. Your input is appreciated.

The clock motor and hands are from a cheap $3 clock from Wal-mart (where I bought the spray paint) and I feel like a resourceful genuis since the clock motors I was looking at at Michael's where $7 and the hands were all too small for an 8 X 10 clock.

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