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2008-05-16 @ 9:12 a.m.

Well, my house is clean. Clean enough that I daresay there isn't an area I'd be ashamed to photograph. My mom and dad were in town and stayed with me in my vast 1300 sq feet of "flat" as my mother apparently calls it. I didn't realize that "flat" was a term in the region of Wisconsin, but apparently to her, an apartment in a triplex qualifies as such.

I have a phone screen for a job interview I'd very much like to get, because I would like very much to just get a job at this point. I just talked to my student loan people and besides them being so bad at listening to anything I said, it also sort of filled me with dispair newly that although I somehow received my tax return without it being offset, there's a chance my stimulus payment will be. That would be a big fat bummer, because I'm sort of counting on that check to pay my rent. So now, too closely to when I'm supposed to receive my interview phone call, I am filled with the blues- so much that I thought. "I shouldn't listen to Wilco, I will pick something upbeat and triumphant" and went on to pick "Thunder Road" (which seemed like a sure thing) only to realize it was the live version from a 1975 concert in London- where Bruce does it slow and depressing. So my mood is making happy music rearrange itself into a sad song.

Clearly I am sitting here trying to purge the blues from me, because I must. Everything will be okay because it just will. I really think that it's no suprise that the day my house was finally clean I got a call for a job interview. I have plenty to not be scared about since being scared and sad won't get me anywhere. I really sort of wish my mommy was still in the next room though.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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