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first day jittering
2008-06-02 @ 8:11 a.m.

Here I sit, poised to leave for my first day at the Service Center. I'm very excited, or very nervous- or both, at this point I can't quite be totally sure.

What to wear on the first day becomes a lot more complicated when you don't have comfortable black shoes- but I just this moment remembered where a perfect pair of comfortable black work shoes are, and am totally contemplating an entire wardrobe change. Since I am also breathing, I think I can talk myself down from a complete change in clothes.

Truth is, I'm very excited. Part of me can't wait to go into the attached store of the Service Center and look at all the badges and patches, and wonder if I could be fired if I bought every patch and emblazoned a jacket with them. Wouldn't that just be job spirit though? I thought there was some stigma attached to having or owning badges and patches you didn't earn when you're a scout. I am going to be a scout, I have to be to work for them. That's so dorky that it's totally one of the best parts!

Apparently I can't shut up...
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