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a morning of blather
2008-07-16 @ 8:44 a.m.

Whew. Last night was not a good night for sleepin'. It makes me wish that there were still sleeping porches, like they built into houses long ago. But really, even with higher humidity and temps this summer has been a piece of cake. But I get tired, because I am sleeping less well even with the best fan ever, I think. Also it might be the hot little 9 yr old next to me who thinks sharing the bed means sleeping in the middle of it.

Or it might be that I escaped the house until nearly 11:00 for cooler pastures only to come home and chat until 12:30 AM. An old friend found me on facebook yesterday and it was totally sweet. It's weird because we only hung out for maybe less than a year in Minneapolis before she moved to Chicago, but she was one of those girls that felt like I'd always known her, instant rapport and all that. We are very connected despite the whole being out of touch for 16 years thing. She's really smart, bright, cool and the thing she had no idea about was that she was like, insanely beautiful. So she'd be writing articles and meeting musicians and journalists not having any idea of how massively bewitching they found her. It was a very winning quality, one that as far as I can tell she still possesses. So we had a chat and then I went to bed and fell asleep with the light on, my book on my chest, and my glasses on my face. Yes, this morning's entry is brought to you by Starbucks light mocha frappuchino.

Begin ridiculous coffee aside: No, I don't do the light because I am actually trying to be calorie conscious with my ridiculous coffee drinks, but because you get more milkshake when you order it without the whip (although I love whipped cream on a Frappuchino it's always still left there, like some sad monument to your finished beverage. I will enjoy my whipped cream in other formats.) Also the light version of the Mocha has more coffee flavor than the regular, and I appreciate that. End ridiculous coffee aside

As I was composing this entry, the power went out and my computer went dead. However, when the power was restored, and I restarted Firefox, it has preserved all my tired wit, leaving me to continue this blather without frustration. It was probably because I barely remembered I was writing an entry, and because I wasn't really invested in whether I would lose the mid-composition lotto. Cheers to Firefox is all I'll say.

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