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2008-08-08 @ 12:46 p.m.

After gleefully reading a GQ interview online with Seth Rogen, I decided to peruse the picture slideshow. To say this picture put me into some kind of emotional tailspin was an understatement.


When I first watched Freaks & Geeks, Seth Rogenís character, Ken
Immediately reminded me of my friend Greg McAloon. I watched him in 40 Yr Old Virgin and Knocked Up and he was just a cute funny boy, a youthful Albert Brooks if anything. When he played the cop in Superbad was the first time I noticed any resemblance. But he was playing a doofus with authority and I figured it was more the character than an actual resemblance. And it may be the case. But that picture up there? That might as well be the Daddyman. It depresses me in such a vivid way, like I canít trust anyone Iím drawn to, because some facet of them will turn out to be like the daddyman all over again. It makes me sort of hate myself and my subconscious and also all of humanity. This accompanied by the girls being up North has made me feel this incidental despair, like I am about to burst into tears but only at that moment, so if it passes Iím all right until the next surge. It sucks.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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