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A new era in the LAP livingroom.
2008-11-16 @ 10:46 a.m.

new sectional sofa


Now the main thing is that I didn't really like my green couch, except to look at. At first I thought it was because it wasn't deep enough, but my new couch is the same depth. I now think it was just that it begged you to sit up on it, it wasn't a snuggly couch. This new couch, besides being fabulous and orange, has great snuggle factor, and is the longest length of couch I can get up my stairs, 90". Plus it's got that great upholstery that think of as "cheap homemade child's tiger costume" or "mexicali vomit". It's not really mexicali vomit, because a true mexicali vomit verigation for me also has a pink and sometimes a green in it. The true inspiration for the term "mexacali vomit" was a Lion Brand Homespun style yarn similar to "Fiesta" that looked equally pretty and vomitous when made into anything, particularly a poncho. So Paulina had a "vomit poncho" that she got a lot of compliments on, but I knew the truth...)


This upholstery is really a more straightforward varigation of yellow to orange with accents of black and a grey with enough blue in it, to be called "eeyore". In any case, it's all about the orange for me, and I finally thought maybe it was time for orange to be the focal color instead of the accent.

I don't believe the black velvet club chairs will last long, because I am pretty sure I can sell them in a hot minute for a nice profit and I am thinking that although I fell in love with the tufted orange rocker-recliner (not a full recline, it rocks back with your feet up on the ottoman) I actually think there's an issue with both the fact that I am not a fan of crushed velvet, I think velvet has enough texture with a shorter nap, and although this is really soft and silky, it might come down to there just being too much orange in my room. I think the main thing that makes me like the look of the "before" right now, a little more than the "after" is that there's more contrast in that room. Besides liking my new couch so much more, the main vibe I like going on in where my new room is going, is that it feels lighter, a little more mod, and has more of a family room vibe. When I found the orange recliner and ottoman I figured I would then sell my fabulous blue chaise lounge for hundreds of dollars, but now I am thinking I don't really wanna. Only one can stay, unless my brain comes up with a brilliant solution in the next few days...

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