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this entry might be one long run on sentence
2009-01-06 @ 6:59 a.m.

Even though I really bear a grudge against the idea of resolutions for the New Year, I do believe goals for change aren't setting yourself up for failure and feel I should maybe say some of the things I am striving for out loud to help them manifest (or some similar bullshit). Last year I was going to try to make one thing a month, and in order to not bully myself was allowing that goal to include knit items, and you know what? I failed bigtime, because I didn't sew a single thing. This year, I really feel the need to be fashionably creative, especially in the creation of said garments, and I will be more humble in my aspirations. Let's say put the idea of one cute little outfit on the table by Easter, and hopefully I won't jinx myself. I strongly believe that part of me regaining some kind of mojo includes that I must start sewing again. It goes without saying that creativity is the spice of my life, and I seem to recall a special way of sashaying around I had when costumed in clothes of my own design and making.

Another goal would be keep baking with the Mina. Making things to adorn with frosting is fun for everyone, even if it works against my general goals of cramming less sugar into my mouth.

This is the year I hope to pull my head out of the sand I've buried it in on some level. In the several small outings I've more recently ventured on, it would seem perhaps I like social attention after all. If I can restrain myself from declaring "I'm old", which is something I didn't think I even remotely believed, I'll be good. Realizing that I made that remark, at least 3 times is a little disturbing to me honestly, as if I have no working relationship with my subconscious at all.

I might, also, try to pay a little more attention to my blog, or diary or whatever this is. Actually venting my thoughts instead of letting them turning into brain stew is the whole reason for this forum, and I need to be better.

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