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blather over lunch
2010-04-30 @ 12:44 a.m.

And so this begins. Here I sit, at work, on my lunch break with my impossibly adorable new netbook mini seeing just what I can maybe accomplish on a lunch break. Blathering, undoubtedly- but how much? We'll see. Let's start with some lists maybe..

What I'm Watching:
Lost. I steamrolled through the entire back catalog of this divine show in approximately 5 weeks. I'm now watching the last episodes of this final season in real time, feeling very much like it was a whirlwind relationship. One I won't ever forget...

Dr. Who Because a new doctor just started, I'm watching the current shows as I'm watching from the beginning of the current volume. Honestly I don't really know how to correctly categorize it, but it's the era with Rose as the companion, before David Tennant is the Dr. It's the perfect kind of tv for the Mina, fast paced and not too complex and just at touch scary. I'm extremely taken with the two new episodes with the current very silly Doctor and companion Amy. I think it's a great place to pick up on Doctor Who if you've never watched, but have thought about trying. The first two are available On Demand with Comcast.

Party Down- Season Two just started and it's better than ever, even with the loss of Jane Lynch to Glee. The entire first season of this Starz original series is available on Netflix to watch instantly, as is Season Two. New episodes are available usually right after they premiere (Friday nights) on Starz. The humor is a combination of Judd Apatow and MTV's The State, and the casting is terrific.

Somehow, I've also been watching Oz and the first season of Fame on Netflix. Watching Fame is nostalgic, and an interesting reflection of programing, since in nearly every episode there's an incredibly awful original song usually sung off-key by a cast member. I kind of relish it, because I remember how exciting it was to have a show on TV that would inevitably feature music every episode. It makes Cop Rock look like art. And as hokey as the concept of Cop Rock was, the songs were being written by the likes of Randy Newman, so it was a higher level of performance and writing already. Come to think of it, I believe one of the actors from Cop Rock was Montgomery in the original Fame movie, so that's a weird parallel that I will choose to end with.

Ha! I still have almost 15 minutes left too!
Here's a perfect example of the endearing music that sticks in my head from the Fame tv show. Oh, Danny Amatullo- how I loved you...

Apparently I can't shut up...
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