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My Diaryland Trading Card
Thursday, Feb. 26, 2004 @ 5:09 pm

*Second Edition*
Diaryland Trading Card!

member since 07/22/03
161 entries
Gold Edition

Description: life is delusion

Strengths: delusional hope in all situations, the ability to not feel lonely in the face of happy couples, "always says the right thing"-devian, empathy beyond compare, can remember song lyrics completely after hearing song live once-even if drunk, and the ability to actually accept others' decisions without reproach, can keep a clear head in the center of a drama-filled tornado

Weaknesses: saying no when asked explicitly, remembering that she's an adult age, sucked in by drama in the first place(see above strength), you name it I keep it cluttered, never forgets anything anyone has ever said

Turn Ons: glasses,reading comics,reading fiction,power tools, men who "are empty inside", vast knowledge of any subject especially music, quirkiness, humor, coveralls, tendencies to brood

Turn Offs: disloyal,dis-respectful, deadbeat dads who smoke crack in the car they borrowed from you, paid for with that car's stereo that was pawned

noteable quotable: "I'm going to sew it up and let it heal like a wound. Then I'm gonna grow me a penis instead..."

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