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hearts aflutter
2011-04-12 @ 10:36 a.m.

So I am no longer employed at the GS Council. It's a drag of course, but I took it well, and I'm trusting things will be fine. I've already got some contract data clean-up, and I've applied for unemployment, so here's hoping!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I take Elizabeth to school early for math tutoring, and it kind of eats the whole morning, because either I drop her off and go home to pick up the Mina, or I bring Mina with and hang out with her for the hour before I can bring her into school.

This morning when I dropped off Paulina, and walked through the halls of school it was almost crazy the amount of energy I absorbed from the grade school kids. It made me feel hopped up and crazy! So now I'm home trying to gain a little serenity, but I think it might require a focused outing of sewing. Sewing puts me into a highly focused state of flow, and if I'm at the sewing lab at the local shop, it reminds me of sewing at school. It's productive and comforting, and creative too. I've nearly finished 2 skirts, and I'm relatively pleased at that.

So yeah, this entry is incredibly boring and for that I apologize! I'm just keeping the diary in diaryland I guess...

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