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lap army
2003-11-12 @ 9:53 a.m.

Wow has chicknamedal inspired me. She's pretty sure that she's a recurring cast member on a soap. You know the one- the drama doesn't actually happen TO them, but they have to deal with the aftermath? Sound familiar? Yeah, to me too. I would say that my soap is As the World Turns to her All My Children.

Anyway, the point is, besides that you should read her diary if you dig mine, is that it occurred to me that there should be a service for those who cannot rain down fury on the people in their lives who sorely deserve it. You know, a way to have a third party rain down bad karma vibes toward someone on your behalf. The extra psychic support couldn't hurt, right? So I began the lap army. It's half support group, half gang of thugs. Joining entitles you to throw bad karma towards those who prey upon your diaryland buddies that cannot defend themselves to a degree that's warranted. Think "Strangers on a Train" by Hitchcock. No one will die, but perhaps they will be visited by the negative karma they deserve. That is if wishing can make it so.

Image credit goes to Jaime Hernandez from the excellent comic WHOA, NELLIE!. Buy it (and everything else your life has been lacking)HERE.

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