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a night out
2003-12-07 @ 2:19 p.m.

I had been planning to go out with thisendup since before she returned from Miami. We are both sadly brokish and postponed our date until this past Thursday. We were still sadly broken in terms of money, but the date was giving us both reason to live, and so we held forth.

thisendup was blue about her fella, and I told her she should ignore him all day. She could talk about him all she wanted though, because I knew she couldnít do anything but.

So he, of course, e-mailed her with news of a cool band to go see. She was torn about changing plans, but our plans consisted of drinking and singing off key in front of an unfamiliar crowd. (we normally karaoke on Tuesdays) and I said ďPlans change.Ē She mentioned the angel factor (comic shop fella shares a name with an angel) and I pointed out that

A- We donít have plans with him, he has just noted that he hangs out nearly every Thursday at that bar

B- He might want to come along to see a cool band, or being going already

C- Iíd rather see a cool band than wait around hoping to see someone who I really only want to know more aboutÖ

I thought my arguments were valid. I was happy her fella e-mailed her. Iím a big fan of him, an of them together.

So we decided weíd all meet for a drink at the grouchy bar and then go off to the band. If we saw the boy who shares the name of an angel but is dead inside thatís great, but whatever.

thisendup is probably more intrigued than I am, currently, with the boy who shares the name of an angel but is dead inside. I am a little bored with trying on that front. I will still buy some comics from there, and see if I am encouraged before I make an overt movement. I have seen encouragement in past visits. He does smell quite good. Not like someone dead inside. His taste in reading is good too. Not like someone dead inside. To my experience when you are actually dead inside, your reading intake is stymied. The reading encourages growth, understand.

So anyway, it started snowing. I picked up TEP and we met her fella and ate a delicious grouchy dinner, and I had 2 delicious Grain Belt Premium tap beers, which tastes really good at the grouchy bar. TEPís fella drinks Pabst. I ainít arguiní about it. But when we left to go see the band, the snow was thicker. I knew I would only drink more, and have to drive through more snow, more tipsy. I opted out.

We have more plans on Monday. I like hanging out with those two very much. Also due to tradition, even in the face of finals, Iíve been told I will see legalbeagle there as well.

I might explode seeing those two in the same evening. Not to mention seeing the dear friend who is actually performing.

He wonít have any time for me tomorrow night though. He will be overwhelmed with a rush of admiration, as he is each year during and after this performance. I donít care. Heís been removed from my life for a long time. Seeing him will be great. Talking to him is sometimes strange. Itís mostly strange. Heís strange. I am not uncomfortable with him. I am fond fond fond of him. I would love to ask him about what he thinks about the boy who shares the name of an angel but is dead inside.. but not tomorrow night.

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