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monday,monday it's here to stay
2003-09-15 @ 10:07 a.m.

Everything about the picnic was a mess (no real directions, getting there late) but it was all forgotten once we got to visit with the baby. The Mina never tires of her. The Daddyman spent the whole time talking to the babyís adoptive father- going on and on about himself and his plans. But the baby is so happy and well and content. She is just this joy to see and be around. I feel sorry for her mom having to go back to work now that school has started.

Everytime the baby sees us Ė myself,eep, and the mina, she has this immediate recogonition thing- like ďthere you guys are, hi!Ē with a baby face full of joy. Itís really cool. She did it to the Daddyman too, even though this was the first time heís seen her since her birth. Itís clear that sheís very aware that weíre family to her. Hopefully that warmth from her will never change.

When I told the babyís mom that my job turned temp after all, she was very sympathetic and cool. Things are going well with them and she can still afford to pay for my phone (thank god) without me even having to ask I got reassurance.

In regards to my climb up the cliffs of dispair,(oh and do look back at the entries for 9-12-03 if you're confused. What a day) Iím just focusing on getting some interviews set up today. But my bad luck didnít end with learning my job did. Suffice it to say, that I canít just be served misfortune, but I always get an extra garnish on the side.

But thatís not for today.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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