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character vs. plot
2003-10-20 @ 9:16 a.m.

I keep thinking about how I like character-driven stories, better than plot-driven stories. The comparison keeps coming up in my mind. Plot-driven stories usually have several completely implausible elements that, uh, drive the plot forward as needed. Character-driven stories tend to flow more. It has nothing to do with the story idea, really- but rather the course with which the story is told, and the actions that propel the story forward. When I was thick into the land of comic books especially, there was a theory that men liked visual-impact based comic books and women liked character-driven story based comic books. Well that made for a tasty sound-bite, but in reality EVERYONE likes a character-driven story better given the choice.

I would agree that I am quite the character. I even have some. Character, that is. But I am sort of the observer, the sage, the ominous narrative bleating witty insight for the blind and lost in the audience. Is my story, thus far, been derailed into being plot driven? I don't believe so, and yet the character driving my story hasn't been me. The best parts of the story are my actions and reactions, I do truly believe that. I am the hero. But the villian has played an awful big part, hasn't he?

Thank you for your patience as we do a quick set change and start Act 3. It's sure to be a winner, folks. I can't say that I've slaved over the script, because as usual, I'll be pulling that right out of my ass as it comes. It's been entertaining so far though, right?

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