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pms becomes lap
2003-11-05 @ 4:46 p.m.

Hi there! Remember me? I still exist.

It's brisk and busy at work. Too busy to get to be extra-curricular on the computer. But not too busy to be approved for VTO. What is VTO? It's VOLUNTARY TIME OFF. If the call volume is slow enough you can send an e-mail that essentially says "I'll go home" and if you are approved they say "Go on home!". It's very neat. It's also very evil. But it's not an "occurrence". Not a tardy not an absent, VTO is a kind of ennui that just doesn't count against you in any regard except for the hours on your paycheck.

It's going to get really busy any minute here in the call center. VTO might not be possible. I can indulge.

In other news the Daddyman got fired. Already. Less than a month. I know he got fired because they offered up the bucks within 24 hours. I didn't get my cut though. Because, I've realized- nothing has changed. I am investigating tactics. I've considered-

1.) Putting up fliers of the girls, drawn by the girls that state "SAL SHITFACE (not really his name, but it would be on the flier) DOES NOT SUPPORT THE ARTS" and under the picture it will read drawn by his children age 7 and 5. I would put these up right outside the bar that he and KGB like to go to for overpriced 1/2 price bottles of wine and horsderves.

2.)Leaving a box of abandoned porn magazines in the parking lot behind the building with a big sign that says

"FREE! Thank apt __!"

3.)Fliers with his picture everywhere he's likely to go that read "Tell me why I should pay child support when I'm just a big baby myself?" Dial 612-555-5555!"

I am taking suggestions whether they are evil, nuisance-laden, or just plain mean. Help me fill up my bucket because I'm getting it rigged up to spill the next time he either opens the door, or hides behind it.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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