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clean sweep
2004-01-04 @ 9:39 a.m.

I feel like now that the New Year is here, that the entire world is at dawn. I feel this strange sense of untouched peace like my life is a field covered in a blanket of snow, just waiting for spring to see what might be planted and grow to be harvested.

I am just waiting for the idea. I want to be prepared this time. I donít want to be distracted. It doesnít have to come this season. It might be better if it doesnít. That soil could use another season of rest and moisture.

I need a really clean slate. I have one inside already, but I think I need to be surrounded physically by one as well. I need all my crap thrown out once and for all. I need all my laundry clean and accounted for. All the stuff that just doesnít work assessed and removed.

Now is that time.

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