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please hold
2004-01-12 @ 12:51 p.m.

What is it about January? Maybe it's not January exactly, but in the absence of holiday rush it seems like all my ennui and unfounded dread comes in creeping. I already realize I am totally waiting for some new chapter to begin, so I feel like my brain is just filled with time-wasting thoughts in the meantime. The kind of thoughts that skirt through your brain when you are "on hold". It's not bad for me, but then I see what might be the same things happening with thisendup and legalbeagle, so I wonder if it's the state where we all reside. It could be. It could be that myself and any of my friends are bound to court doom and paranoia in our downtime.

So I ask you, what does the Justice League do in between emergencies? Do they spend quality time together bowling? Do they lavish themselves with "me time"? Or does Superman just let the laundry pile up because he finds that he can't think straight through all the silence? I mean, Batman has Alfred keeping the house nice, so he probably just plays X-box or is addicted to diaryland like the rest of us. Aquaman has litter and ocean pollution to help with in downtime. The X-men have the school for gifted youngsters and endless training.

It's something to think about. On soaps, they never show the characters just living comfy, non-explosive lives. Those characters are considered "off the front-burner" But you know, things left on the back-burner aren't often tasty. They are often overdone.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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