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chain mail
2004-01-25 @ 9:23 a.m.

a la fargahar and devian

A color you like to wear: green

Regardless of size or circumstance, an animal you would like to own as a pet: Apotasaurus (formerly Brontosaurus)

A flower you would like to grow in your garden: Peonies

Your lucky number: 8 or 16

A smell you love: laundry fresh from the drier

A taste that makes you melt: my brother-in-law’s Barbeque sauce (it has cocoa powder in it!)

A hobby that occupies most of your time: Writing

A sport you enjoy watching: children at play

Your favorite city to visit: New York

Your favorite meal: sushi

Alcoholic drink you often order: Jim Beam and Diet Coke

A delicious dessert: frozen fresh blueberries

A film you could watch over and over again and never get sick of: The Godfather I & II (they can count as one because they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse) but I really want to also answer “Singing in the Rain” I default to The Godfather Saga because I know it’s the movie I HAVE watched the most times. All time favorite television show (only 1): As The World Turns

The magazine you read most frequently: Lucky

Singer or Band you are listening to most lately: Wilco and Billie Holiday “Lady in Satin”

An artist whose work you really like: Mary Cassatt

Clothing you love to wear: sundress with a cardigan

A monument you would like to have a

view of from your bedroom: Chrysler Building

Favorite time of day: Dawn

Favorite place to sit at home: corner of my couch (donated by thisendup)

Favorite Weekend Activities: Going to my parents’ house and pretending I’m not really an adult.

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