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it can be done (and it is!)
2004-02-05 @ 4:45 p.m.

I worked a whole work week. 5 days!

I did get off early twice, but it was less than an hour early.

I know I am lame, but since Christmas I realized I hadn't worked a whole 5 day work week.

So I am proud of my lame ass.

My broke lame ass.

But it's nice to be kind of short on cash and not be freaking out about the world pressing down on me. I have in the past, and yet now- I am not susceptible to that stress.

The difference is that I feel relatively in control of my money. I mean, no one but myself has access to it at all. Plus there are less circumstances that create the kind of stress that brings on mindless therapy spending.

Staying home helps. If you don't go places to buy things, or look at things to buy- VOILA! You don't spend as much.

Such simplicity, and yet the whole idea is like a miracle of some kind.

I am not actually filled with pride over my lame non-accomplishment, but I will refer myself to it over and over.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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