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Not 101, but
2004-02-17 @ 5:18 p.m.

Ten things you never would have asked, but might like to know about the mommylap...

1.) I am German on one side (with a dash of English) and Bohemian/Norwegian on the other. I am repeatedly told I look Italian or Jewish due to my dark hair/fair complexion

2.) I am 5'9" and carry my weight well.

3.) No one ever believes my age or my weight. (not that I stupidly go around divulging that info. No wait- I get off on telling people I am 35. I tell them freely) They are often also shocked that I am the mother of 2.

4.)Crab legs and steak (not at the same time) are meals I have wanted to eat for birthdays since forever. (also corn on the cob)

5.) I can sing many songs from Sesame Street and the Mickey Mouse Club record by heart in their entirety since as long as my memory goes back. Also 2 story/songs from a Shari Lewis record "The tortoise and the hare" and "the Lion and the Mouse" I am doomed to geekiness regardless of motherhood.

6.) I can sew, make patterns using flat pattern and draping methods, and sewing is the one activity that when I am doing it, the rest of the world drops away as if it doesn't exist. This is why I believe that kind of work is my "calling".

7.) I went to Catholic grade school (2-8) and all-girls Catholic High School. I loved going to all-girls high school.

8.) My first favorite songs that weren't by muppets or cartoon characters were by The Monkees, Buddy Holly, and Shaun Cassidy (-oh wait, he doesn't qualify as non-cartoon)

9.) Shades of red lipstick tend to "go pink" on me.

10.) I have a very matched pair as far as breasts go. Pre-nursing, they were referred to as "perfect" by nearly every man who experienced them. These words were often said in a hushed tone, and were never prompted.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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