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market me,market you
2004-02-24 @ 5:18 p.m.

Target recently had some really cute t-shirts in Girls 4-16 sizes. They were like initials for personality traits. For instance- D and within the letter read "drama queen". Or "G" and "girly-girl". They were cute.

I am trying to make some more appropriate for the people I know.

M "martyr"

H "has-been"

S "soul sucking freak"

W "washed up"

I guess I could take requests.

UPDATE: I totally forgot the V quadruplets V = "vapid" V = "vaccuous" V = "viper" V="vacant" I thought E="emotional cripple" or "emotional rollercoaster" were good additions too. I="incredibly insecure" S="shallow" P="pretentious" How about also a t-shirt with volume measure up the side, and marks stating approximately this full of ________(shit, myself, etc...) In case it escaped you, this whole idea was born of me really wanting a t-shirt emblazoned with "martry". The capital "M" would wear a crown of thorns of course. Perfect attire for the new Mel Gibson release....

Apparently I can't shut up...
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