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elegant is overated
2004-03-01 @ 9:15 a.m.

Apparently when everyone looks elegant and perfectly lovely at the Academy Awards it's just boring as hell.

Because it was!

No one looked really exciting and beautiful. Not one woman looked like they contained any energy at all.

My favorite moment was Jack Black and Will Farrell. I had another sexy dream about Jack Black last night which disturbs me. This makes #3.

This makes two award shows she's looked really lovely at. God bless her for wearing color, having gray in her hair and yet not looking old. I can make my peace with her being married to my husband. Begrudgingly.

Speaking of husbands Jason Schwartzman was at the Oscars. He's on a new TV show and it caused him to stop channeling Keith Moon as the drummer in Phantom Planet. This saddens me. Seeing him on TV will, however, make me happy- but not as happy as watching him play the drums. He couldn't really be my husband because he's just too young. He could be my cupcake- like Heath Ledger must be for Naomi Watts.

I am mad that Sadie Frost wasn't there in a cool dress. Stupid Jude Law.

I am also mad that Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany weren't there. Wasn't she supposed to get a supporting actress nomination?

Scarlett was overlooked and she still came...

Forgive me, but I am mad at Marcia Gay Harden for being pregnant and deciding to wear her hair like Elizabeth Taylor in freaking Cleopatra. I count on MGH for red carpet excellence. Charlize Theron could've looked better. I didn't like her hair or her tan.

Nicole Kidman's face is sinking and tightening simultaneously and it makes me afraid.

No one wore color. Catherine Zeta Jones did, and Scarlett did. Their dresses were still pretty boring.

I liked the dress worn by Melissa Rivers a lot.

What could that mean?

Apparently I can't shut up...
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