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Cause all I do is watch TV..
2004-03-09 @ 5:08 p.m.

I am probably the only person ever who feels sorry for Katie on the Inferno. But I do. She's trying. Not one of the RR people figured out how Coral was knocking everyone out in that Balls out competition, so saying Katie wasn't effective? Well that was just making her the patsy. I mean, I would get rid of her too if I was RR, but she is trying, and it would be nice for that to be acknowledged.

I was super pissed at Julie for claiming Leah and Coral were the weakest on their team. Um, yeah- since they calculated exactly how to waste everyone during Balls out, and that win was totally their win. I mean, almost all the RW girls sucked ass at that net climb except for Mall. I would love some humiliation thrown her way. Big Time.

I would rather Katie leave than Coral though.

and in other TV news- Monster House did a Mobster House, and it included an awesome secret warehouse speakeasy room with a tin roof among every other cool thing and I was drooling. It was my dream industrial space. And it was mafioso inspired. I wish you didn't have to own a house to get a Monster House.

sniff sniff.

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