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more TV and ugly (some loveable) punks
2004-03-10 @ 5:10 p.m.

When I am Demi (and I actually plan to be married to Bruce Willis too) this will be my Ashton....

Jason Schwartzman. Ben from "Cracked Up". Not only is he a funny funny guy,
Not only is he a really awesome drummer,
Not only would this require I steal him from my sister Mollie Jo (who is really only in love with Max from Rushmore-understandably)
but he is the son of Connie Corleone.

That's right. Talia Shire.

Which means we could hang with Francis.

In my earlier TV talk I forgot to say how good I thought the pilot of Cracked Up was. The shaving scene made me do a spit take. So so funny to me. Molly Shannon singing on the stairs? so so funny to me. The cheerleader webcam? Oh ever so funny.

And in closing, I would like to provide the info that I would never ever consider dating ANYone in the band 'A Simple Plan', but would be likely to date ANY one in the band 'Sum 41'. I find both bands equally semi-fun, semi un-original, yet semi-harmless but Sum41 seems funnier and a wee bit less manufactured. Or not. I am not sure if bands like these are evil children of the corn, or harmless and reverent of schtick I like.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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