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Country-style gravy and the Queen of Mars
2004-03-28 @ 2:05 p.m.

I told Mina to tell Daddy that she liked something the other day- something she was eating

eep: Is that really just a trick you’re playing on Daddy?

LAP:No. Daddy likes Country-style gravy. He’d be happy to know that the Mina does too.

eep: Hmm. Cause I thought it might be a joke or something.

Later while driving the girls were having a lively discussion about the Britney Spears videos they had seen earlier that day. (Britney turns up the Heat- some such plug to encourage a FRENZY for Showtime’s special today)

Mina: Remember the one where she is the QUEEN OF MARS?

Mina: There is one where she is a nice pretty girl who looks like Kylie (a 5 yr old in pre-school. Mina is referring to the “Sometimes” video) and then there is one where she is all CRAZY with Sabrina the Teenage Witch. That one is daddy’s FAVORITE.


eep: (explosively) I’m not a GURRRL- I’m not a woooooomaaaaaaaaaaan….

LAP: WOW. Is that your favorite ballad girl?

eep: I like that song. What is a ballad?

LAP: A slow song sung with a lot of emotion.

eep: I’m not a GEEEEERL, I’m not a WOOOMin”

LAP: That’s really something sweetie. I think you should sing that for Daddy tomorrow.

eep: not a girl, not yet a woooomahan!

LAP: (giggling) In fact, everytime Daddy talks to you, or asks you a question you should just belt that out.

Blank stares

LAP: like if Daddy says “How are you today?”

minaeep: I’m NOT a girl, not yet a WOMAAAHAAN!”

LAP: Just like that.

Mina: What do you want for breakfast?

eep: I’m not a girl….

LAP: Exactly.

eep: Is this one a trick, Mommy?

LAP: It’s not a trick. It’s just obnoxious. Being obnoxious is your birthright.

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