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2004-04-05 @ 12:11 p.m.

Why am I so enamored of the j.crew catalog? I so am. It bewitches me. It inspires me. It beckons to me.

I love their shoes the most. My favorite shoes of all time ever, were their ďstockĒ classic loafers. They had the same loafers, made in Italy, perfect James Dean rounded toe loafers for years. Hence the ďstockĒ reference. Then, this Fall, no more. They still have really great shoes, but I will never get over them discontinuing the perfect Laura Petrie shoes. They were perfect with everything. They were the uber mommy shoes- flat, cute, retro yet modern.

j.crew is offering me a lot of completely acceptable alternatives. I have been in love (and owned) the very Sophia Loren-esque Charlotte flat in black since it was offered 2 years ago. Itís lovely.

But not classic. Not forever. Not irreplaceable.

Iíll have to resort to buying the loafer from the menís selection. This sucks because I donít trust the menís sizes, and they cost more.


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