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rhymes with "mailman"
2004-05-28 @ 10:54 a.m.

If someone asks you to verify your name, they are asking for you to say your name. Can I tell you, that if your name is really hard to pronounce, it doesnít mean you should spell it. If you spell your terribly hard to pronounce name instead of saying it, pronounced correctly, I assume that you donít know how to pronounce your name. I pronounce MY weirdo German last name as it should be first and then if I am met with disbelief about the spelling, I clarify. My name is pronounced /pale- men./ I wonít tell you how itís spelled or how itís commonly mispronounced. If you see the way it is spelled, you wonít pronounce it correctly unless you are from Milwaukee WI where there are pages of people with my last name.

See I donít expect YOU to be able to pronounce my name, but pronouncing my own name is a neat trick I learned right after learning how to talk. You can mispronounce it as much as you want, because if you are a stranger, I donít expect you to even really try. If you pulled the correct spelling out of your ass it would be akin to pulling a bouquet of flowers out of there. Amazing and unexpected.

My kids like to not believe me, when I tell them how our name is pronounced. This is because I pronounce it differently than their teacher, who is pronouncing it wrong. Itís really hard to convince eep and the mina that in this one instance their teacher is fallible. Because I donít mind if their teacher canít pronounce their last name, I only mind if they mispronounce their own last name.

Youíd have to be an idiot, or had it misrepresented viciously by your parents, to mispronounce your own name. And really- for most people who have reached the age of 7, the excitement that others feel that you can SPELL your last name, is not such a ticker tape parade either.

To clarify- even with the pronunciation of my name included in this entry? I still do not, and will never expect any of you to be able to pronounce my last name when it looks you in the face.

But if you can, I might love you effortlessly and foreverÖ

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