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Thursday is my Friday
2004-07-15 @ 12:30 p.m.

CANCER July 15, 2004: You'll feel a sudden, undeniable urge to express all your feelings -- the very second that you feel them. That's your excuse. Read this to anyone who tries to act embarrassed

Um, okay- as if this shouldn’t have been my horoscope for every day of my life since birth. I am all about sudden undeniable urges in all things without much of an excuse of any kind. DUH.

I am typically the only person embarrassed by my silly enthusiastic feelings typically. I figure why restrain myself since it must be completely clear to anyone who I am talking to how I feel since I carry it around me like some kind of aura. I imagine I look like the Green Lantern most of the time, surrounded by a circle of green light traveling everywhere I go. It’s like a light trail of delusional hope.

Because I paid waaay too much attention in high school English, I will always believe that color green = hope, from the symbolism in The Great Gatsby.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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