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science of iced coffee
2004-07-21 @ 9:49 a.m.

Iím trying to stop drinking so much soda. I havenít bought a 24-pack in 2 weeks. It started because I couldnít find Diet Dr. Pepper on sale, and I have a glitch about paying more than $3 for a 12-pk. I just donít. Especially in the summertime when soda should be practically free.

So I have been drinking coffee instead.

Have I mentioned in the past how value oriented I am? I am all about knowing the best price for the largest amounts of everything. To the point of knowing that I will only buy paper goods at Target, but prefer to buy canned beans for chili at Wal-mart. I know. Itís a glitch. Back to the regularly scheduled program.

So when itís muggy and our brains stop working, I like to employ iced coffee as reviving refreshment. However, iced coffee at every coffee house establishment is freaking $3 a glass. THIS IS INSANITY! Even regular non-slushy iced coffee is this expensive! I used to buy one iced coffee around the corner for $1.50, with 50-cent refills all freaking day in a summer that seems to me not too long ago. But clearly, these times have passed. So, myself, being on the go and value-oriented noticed that Holiday has fancy chilled creamer (by ďfancyĒ I mean French Vanilla. Sometimes when I am real racy I might do Hazelnut for that ice cream cone flavor but I am a simple girl with the simple tastes) And Holiday also has fountain drinks with cup sizes up to 44 oz. Ice is free. A 16 oz coffee is less than $1.

It didnít take me more than 2 tries to learn that pouring a 16 oz coffee into a 32 oz cup full of ice = iced coffee perfection. For $1. Itís best to use the dark roast, since the ice does melt and dilute the coffee.

So of course I know that I am spending at least $5 bucks a week doing this. And soda every morning is less than that. BUT! (enter the rationalization champ) If I drink this big ass iced coffee in the morning, I then drink water the rest of the day. Because dear readers- soda begets more soda. (this is somehow linked to the sushi effect noted by this scientist After one soda itís as much soda as the day is long, and that runs about $3 a day for $1 20oz. Diet Dr. Peppers. So that rationale works for me.

Donít think that I havenít realized that buying myself a coffee maker would be even cheaper after the initial investment. BUT I am also lazy, and Iíll admit to really enjoying the satisfaction I get from pouring the coffee into the cup of ice and having it fit perfectly. It makes me feel like a genius. I might start wearing a lab coat.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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