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2004-08-15 @ 12:01 p.m.

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Zookeeper Bob needed to find a way to communicate with the majority of the hidden extraterrestrials that were being kept by ZooCorp. The alpha leader had telepathic abilities that, because Bob was a vegetarian who consumed many soy products, could communicate with Bob through his mind. The alpha leader could trust Bob fully because the zookeeper’s mind was an open book. But all the creatures did not have this ability, and unfortunately the alpha leader couldn’t persuade them that Bob was on their side. Bob needed to either figure out a grand gesture that would create an instant trust (feeding and cleaning them did not establish this, being that these gestures were completely unnecessary for these creatures to thrive) or find someone who could on his behalf. He approached…..

DIRECTIONS: Would you like to write the next part of this story? First copy this set of directions into a new entry. Then write your version of the next part of the story. Create a link back to the previous installment (i.e. this page). Contact me via comments or my e-mail and let me know you finished your next installment. I will put a link to your entry on my page as soon as I receive your message.

Your installment can either be the end of the story or a continuation. If you want to continue, other readers will respond to you and you can continue the process outlined above, linking to their installments once they have finished their version. In this way, the final story will run through multiple sites, with multiple authors. Who knows how far it will go?

But DON’T MISS ACT ONE of the new Russian Drama. It’s looking like every summer has a good run….

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