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Summer Stock Act Three
2004-08-17 @ 11:23 a.m.

When the detective from Burnsville PD called me he said that Sal was at the Dakota County Jail, (which is really far away) and there was nothing I could do regarding a statement or anything on his behalf. The detective said it was routine that hed be held for 24 hours before his hearing and Id have to wait.

Of course, 10 minutes later Sal called from jail and said hed be in court at 11:00 am and would be released sometime that afternoon.

I put out feelers as to who might be able to pick up the girls from school since I was worried about getting out to the jail and back. My sister was completely willing to change her plans or whatever to accommodate me picking him up. Which was good because of course, his buddy who LIVES in Dakota County was in Munich. Which means as usual Sals drama is convenient for everyone.

KGB had a swollen face apparently. Apparently the police asked Sal Did you tell your wife that you know how to hit someone without leaving a mark?

Sal was floored. No one can hit someone in the face without leaving a mark. Look at my hands! I havent hit aNYone!

The police concurred with that.

I think KGB came up with that from only half understanding the mafia shows shes watched. Because what I know from The Godfather etc is that you can beat someone without breaking the skin using several methods, but they are still really hurt from bruising. I never remember anything about hitting someone without leaving any marks. I know that I dont ever want to be hit with a telephone book or a sack full of oranges. These are not traditionally used to beat someone about the face and neck since I assume the lack of control would easily break their neck.

So anyway. Thats the end of the insane soap opera drama for now. The lawyer Sal retained is sure he can get the charges dropped. Even the many people in my family, and in my life that completely loathe Sal are completely floored by this. Because its crazy.

Sal decided that this was the sign he had been asking God for though. He had been praying to be able to know what his responsibility toward his wifes life and soul was, and hes assuming now that this is done that there is no hope. Even without bringing God into it, Im inclined to agree.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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