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emotional warfare
2004-09-16 @ 12:33 p.m.

I am emotionally exhausted today. My eyes actually hurt from crying, and being that I didn't cry that much (for me) in the way of volume, I would assume this indicates that my tears were quite bitter.

Today is eep's 8th birthday. Her dad gets all offended typically because he's not invited to a family birthday celebration, and I told eep that if she wanted to see if Daddy could come, that she would have to ask Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandpa listened to her request (on the phone) and asked if he could speak to Mommy. Grandpa was pissed.

So there was Sal pissed that he isn't included as family (which I think is ridiculous), and my dad (and mom by proxy)are pissed because they don't want someone they dislike at a party, and eep just wants her Daddy to be happy (apparently), and I hate everybody.

Because, it's all super petty and has very little to do with eep being happy on her birthday.

And Sal got into this mode of "they just won't be allowed to see their grandparents anymore" as if he has any right on earth to say that for any reason, and for this reason in particular.

Sal thinks that my parents problem with him is based on them blaming him. He just can't accept that it's based purely on the fact that they just don't like him.

He doesn't like them either and I'm not really sure why he would even want to be there, I guess it's more that he wants to be with eep. Which is fair enough really.

I really lost my shit last night in a flashback to exactly how selfish and emotionally manipulative Sal is capable of being.

He was upset by my "irrational" behavior because yesterday was his wedding anniversary (like I remember. like I care.)

Okay- hooray you acted like it was any other ordinary day!

I got upset at your assholery as if it were any ordinary day, didn't I?

You expect better of me? I expect better of me too.

But I'm pretty sure the betters refered to are not the same better in the least.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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