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2004-10-26 @ 10:30 a.m.

I had dreams about my emergency assistance application and fax last night. They weren’t nightmares, but I can’t believe I dreamt about it. Yikes.

At work BR, the woman who heads the adoption network for my company(see re: from a birth mother under the adoption link) contacted me to see if I felt comfortable advising another team member who has questions about open adoption. It’s interesting because the e-mail from BR indicated it was a team member considering domestic open adoption, and the team member (who’s a guy) indicated he had an “acquaintance that is pregnant and is not sure what she wants to do as a single parent”…. I’m trying not to just assume he’s the father, but doesn’t it sound like he’s the father?

I’m letting him “pick my brain a little” on Thursday. I wonder what the situation is? I wonder how I’ll react to a guy asking me questions that might play into whatever argument he’ll make towards what he wants “his acquaintance” to decide…

Of course, I will just meet with him and speak honestly and offer to speak with his friend if she’d like as well.

This Just In: I should be safe because my horoscope says this: "You're ready to cut to the chase, put your feelings on hold and deal with even the most emotional situation with an unbiased attitude." Whew, right?

But then in another e-mail, BR asked if I would like to appear on a panel at an adoption network “brown bag meeting” (which means lunch I think) with a team member who is adopted, a team member that’s an adoptive parent. I’m sort of excited about that, and I am sort of excited that it’s within the company I work for.

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