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Happy National Adoption Month
2004-11-07 @ 12:29 p.m.

I went to the Adoption Network meeting on Friday at the downtown headquarters. I didnít speak because BR (who is maybe the busiest woman in the world, but I canít be sure) didnít follow up with me in time, but she did call Friday morning and say ďPlease come though- just come!Ē and I did. She also asked me if I was interested in seeing a job position once they are ready to post it, and I sure am. Because ever since I met her, I just think this woman is great. When she saw me at the meeting, (weíve only met that once) she gave me a big hug, and it was just fantastic. The other speakers at the meeting sharing their adoption stories were terrific as well- one speaker was the adopted daughter of an employee who spoke very eloquently about the adoption of herself and her brother after her motherís parental rights were terminated. It wasnít a nice beginning, but the ending is nice and this girl just pulled no punches about her questions about her birth mother (thereís information thatís locked until she is 18) and her anger about things in her young life- but this young woman wasnít an angry countenance, she seemed like she was very self-aware and had great composure. Imagine my surprise when I found out later (cause I talked to her) that she was only 15- AND that was the first time she had ever told her story to an audience.

There was also updates from the group about international adoptions in progress including a lovely woman who just returned from seeing her son in Guatemala- and I thought of my rdhdprincess (who is probably HOLDING Ella Bella right nowÖ) and there was also a couple there with their newborn adopted little girl which was a domestic open adoption. They were beaming, and I spoke to them later as well. I was obviously interested because it was another open domestic adoption, which is the relationship I have with April, and her family, but I was also intrigued and delighted that this was a gay couple. I was just really happy to see them accepted with warmth and enthusiasm at the company I work for (and at least one of them works for) in their whole adoption story.

Since itís National Adoption Month we also got to see the Public Service spots my company created to celebrate, and will be running in the stores that have running video. If you happen to be in a major discount store thatís obviously promoting National Adoption Month (as they promoted National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Oct- with the coolest pink glittery bullís-eye t-shirts not to hint some more) you might get to see the PSA. It was all the warm and fuzzy post-election warmth I needed.

When I said goodbye to BR I was also introduced to another person working in the Adoption Network department, and I was happy to see that clearly not only has BR thought about me for this position but by the way I was introduced, Iíve been also discussed. And then I found out that the position which I was assuming was administrative assistant of some sort, has some amazing Marketing Associate-type title, and I actually am incredibly qualified from past work experience (writing, retail management blah blah) but itís a really grown up sounding job. So weíll see.

So apparently just actively reaching out can turn into actual networking maybe. Wouldnít that be Karma?

PS- I was just looking through the intra-company website and besides the Adoption Network for support of team members there's also a GLBT Network for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender team members. There's also a network for African American team members. How's that for values in the right place?

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