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Sweetie,Candy balm, and tetris. Am I really a grown up?
2004-11-09 @ 10:19 a.m.

I don’t know what I think when people who don’t know you call you sweetie. On the phone in their first sentence. Even when they are being cordial it’s weird. I wonder if I haven’t done that in person after talking to a nice cashier though. But that would be after an entire nice exchange. If I just told you my name, how do you know if the “sweetie” is accurate? I could be very very bitter.

Target has candy themed items in their $1 section – things like Blow Pop scented pens and notebooks, Hot Tamale string bikini undies, Sugar Daddy ponytail holders and lip balm. Most specifically Vanilla Tootsie Roll flavored lip balm. Which tastes JUST like a vanilla tootsie roll midgies. (My favorite. When I feel wicked I stand in the bulk candy at the grocery store and take only the vanillas.) I don’t like flavored lip balm usually, but this is flawless. So I bought the Sugar Daddy caramel lip balm too and yes. Delicious. So apparently I like non-fruity lip balm flavors. So please, someone made coffee flavored lip balm for $1 and my life will be complete. I swear- I will stock up this candy lip balm because it will disappear and I will be left with only memories. It’ll be 2 years from now and I will say to an 8yr old Mina- “remember the vanilla tootsie roll lip balm? No? It was from Target…” Good times…

I think it’s really sad that a little hand hand-held game like Tetris can be so mind-numbing yet apparently compelling enough for me to lose complete track of 15 minutes of my morning. If I had been late for work (because it was a Tetris setback I tell you) I would have thrown that little birthday party prize out the car window.

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